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Mission and Purpose 

Established in 2014 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) by Carlie Coates and Katie Finch, Tan Kap Vini (TKV) supports the foster communities of Charlotte through three pillars including free one on one tutoring sessions, parent workshops, and community building events. Currently, TKV is connected to Charlotte Angels, Congregations for Kids, Elon Homes and Schools, FAPA CLT, and Foster Village. Through these established pillars and connections, TKV is "looking into the future by making education a continuing priority" in the lives of Learners. 


Tutoring Program 

Parent Workshops

Community Building Events

Foster Communities of Charlotte 

Tutoring Program 

Powered by UNC Charlotte students, tutoring sessions are monitored and facilitated by the TKV leadership team ensuring quality instruction. Sessions last for an approximate hour and 30 minutes. They consist of an individual Tutor and Learner working on materials brought by the Learner or requested by Parent. At the end of the session, members complete a "day of tutoring" form to generate a progress report at the conclusion of the semester. For further information on the logistics of the program and how to participate as either a Tutor or Learner, please view Tutoring Program.

Parent Workshops 

Parent Workshops are conducted by faculty within the College of Education at UNCC. This ensures that the quality of the presentation is aligned with the requirement of keeping foster licensure in the state of North Carolina. Currently, Tan Kap Vini have held the following workshops: 

Common Core Math - Dr. Reinke 

Academic Sucess - Dr. Rogelberg 

Child Development - Dr. Glass 

Trauma in Education - Dr. Opiola 

Fostering Education - Dr. Polly 

For more information on each individual presentation and those upcoming, please view Parent Workshops.

Community Building Events

Throughout the semester, Tan Kap Vini holds a variety of events including fundraisers, advocacy events, and those hallmark to the TKV family, such as "Parent's Night Out" and the annual "Big Event." Parent's Night Out events are held once a semester in which parents drop off their Learner to spend a short 5-6 hours with Members. This allows parents to spend a night out on the town as well as build the rapport between Members and Learners. Often, this event is themed to the time of its occurrence. In comparison, the Big Event is an annual celebration held in the Spring to celebrate the accomplishments of the community - we made it! Community partners, faculty, Parents, and Learners are invited to join members to conduct different activities, eat, and commence in an awards ceremony. 

For more information of differing events, please view Community Events.

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