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Changing “Hen to Fox,” “Hike to Chase” & Struggle to Success!

In the last post, we looked at some activities to build words that tutors can use with learners who need some help with letters, sounds, sound patterns and how they go together to make words. In this post, we’ll look at another activity that teaches these building blocks of words: “Changing Hen to Fox”. This activity comes from Patricia Cunningham’s 2005 book, Phonics They Use: Words for Reading and Writing, 4th Edition.

In this activity, the tutor introduces a small number of words and talks with the learner about the vowel and consonant sounds they make. Then, they choose one word and begin making changes to a single letter (vowel or consonant) at a time. As they go, the tutor and learning talk about the changing sounds, the letters that make those sounds and where they go in the new word.

To read the full text of this blog post, follow the link below to ReadWriteServe's website:

Changing "Hen to Fox," "Hike to Chase" & Struggle to Success!

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