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Member Training 

Please watch the Member Training pre-recorded modules (roughly 10 minutes each). You must complete all quizzes and get a 70% on each quiz to become a member. Once you have completed the requirement, it should be shown as completed on the Member Requirements Progress page within 1 to 2 weeks. If you do not hear from us about your status within a couple of weeks, please follow with us at

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 10.35.53
Module 1: Introduction 

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 10.27.59

After viewing Module 1, complete the following short quiz:


Click here to watch the Care video after you have viewed Module 2

THEN, complete the following short quiz:

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 10.22.57

Resources that were mentioned in Module 3 (for your reference)

6 Ways Teachers Can Foster Cultural Awareness in the Classroom by Matthew Lynch, 2015

A Crash Course on Trauma-Informed Teaching by Angela Watson, 2019

Complete the following:

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 10.11.15
Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 10.36.04

Complete the following:

Complete the following:

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