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Interested in becoming a Member or Tutor?

To begin the process of becoming a member or tutor, please view the application process.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to utilize the message box below. 

Interested in becoming a Learner?

Tan Kap Vini accepts Learners who are a part of the foster community, and enrolled in grades 1- 12. Parents are expected to complete an application, and adhere to the following requirements: 

  • Ensure the attendance of the Learners with the exception of two excused absences and one unexcused absences. Once the two excused absences and one unexcused absence are fully utilized, there is the requirement of a conference to discuss attendance between a Leadership Team member and the parent and Learner. ​​

  • Attend at least one out of the two parent workshops available throughout the academic year. These dates are set to be released in the TKV Calendar and Monthly Parent Newsletter. 

To begin the process of enrolling your Learner, please view the application process for parents. 

Interested in becoming an Advocate?

Routes to advocacy include becoming a Member, Tutor, or donating to the mission of TKV. These proceeds will be utilized in the purchasing of academic materials, conduct of community building events specifically the annual Big Event celebration, and promotional items required to proliferate Tutors accounting for the increase number of Learners expected in the online instruction of 2020 - 2021. 

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Venmo: Tan Kap Vini TKV

Cash App: Tan Kap Vini 

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