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Leadership Team 


Jocelyn Yang

Academic Year of 2020 - 2021

Natalie Bates
Interim Co-Vice President

Jocelyn currently serves as the President of TKV. She is a Senior, Biology, Cell and Physiology Concentration, B.S. and Psychology, B.S. with a minor in Chemistry.

Her favorite memory is Spring 2019 Big Event - we all stayed behind to clean up and take pictures! It was a wonderful bonding moment. 


Elise Lyght 
Co-Vice President 

Elyse currently serves as the Co-Vice President of TKV. Elise is a Senior English major with minors in Youth and Communities, and Applied Understandings in Global Education!

She loved when she got her 1st learner Elijah to open up to her during a tutoring session. "I was (and still am) absolutely terrible at math, but he was able to solve a problem before I could. We both laughed about it, and it was so great that he felt so proud of himself!"


Lauren Martin 
Tutoring Co-Chair  

Lauren currently serves as the Tutoring Co- Chair for TKV. She is a Junior Operations and Supply Chain Management major!

She loved when her learner shared her artwork with her before one of their tutoring sessions!


Davis Nguyen
Mackenzie Stender
Saturday Tutoring Co-Chair

Mackenzie currently serves as the Saturday Tutoring Co-Chair of TKV.​Mackenzie is a sophomore Special Education major with a minor in Child and Family Development!

Her favorite TKV memory is tutoring in the beginning of Spring 2020 where she had such a rewarding experience. My learner and I read Charlotte's Web together and I loved going back to a piece of my childhood with her. 


Jazmine Pritchett

Jazmine currently serves as the secretary for TKV. Jazmine is a Junior Meteorology and Geography B.S. w/ GIS concentration

Her favorite memory of TKV is the funny and energetic personalities that the learners brought every tutoring session.


Anastasia Clark
Saturday Resource Coordinator 

Davis currently serves as the treasurer for TKV. Davis is a junior. He is majoring in economics!

His favorite memory of TKV is working with the executive board!


Tara Gabriel
Tuesday Resouce Coordinator

Tara currently serves as the Tuesday Lead Tutor for TKV. She is a Middle Grades Education major with concentrations in English and Mathematics. 

Her favorite TKV moment was when two other tutors stayed after a tutor session to discuss how to solve a learner's newer version of a math problem. At the time I was taking a course on elementary math and had the pleasure of helping these tutors solve the problem. To see their excitement when they understood how to conduct and solve the problem, filled me with happiness. They were thrilled that they could help their learner solve similar math problems in the future. I love how we all bonded as tutors; I felt a great sense of teamwork and leadership as I guided my fellow tutors to success. not only in their own learning but also in influencing their abilities to teach their learners. 


Anastasia currently serves as the Saturday Lead Tutor for TKV. She is a senior International Business and French major.

Her favorite TKV memory is parents night out! 


Josie Reed 
Campus Outreach Chair

Josie currently serves as the Campus Outreach Chair for TKV. 

She is a junior Elementary Education major!

Her favorite TKV moment so far has been getting to hear some amazing speakers at our meetings! I'm so excited to see what we do with our virtual transition this year!


2020-2021 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) files are now available for your viewing. 

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