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Elon Homes


Elon Homes for Children and Youth has a extensive history in the field of child development and services. They focus on caring for young people from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of needs, strengths, opportunities and dreams.

Their services have evolved over the century since their founding to best meet the needs of low-income or otherwise disadvantaged children and youth in the Charlotte region and across North Carolina.

Through the years, their mission has remained steadfast: "We prepare young people to lead fulfilling and independent lives by providing safe haven, education and employment opportunities for the children and youth in our care."

Our mission is served through three programs:

Each program meets specific needs that support the wellbeing of the children and youth we serve. Together, they enable Elon Homes organization to empower young people and families to achieve brighter futures.

To learn more about Elon Homes you can visit their website.

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